Saturday, October 18, 2014


There’s only so much a housewife can do around the house before getting extremely bored. Technically there is a lot I could do. I could probably scrub the baseboards, organize the pantry, clean the closets, but let’s be honest that’s just stupid and boring. 

A normal day for me is getting up early and by early I mean 10:00. I lay in bed check out the news and important issues going on in the world via Twitter, Insta, Facebook, Celebuzz, E! News. It’s imperative for one to stay informed. Get a little education and inspiration in thanks to Pinterest. Man, the things I learn from that website are endless. That alone can take hours. Once you’re on, that site sucks you in and before you know hours are gone and freaking starving from all the food pics.  My board is loaded with amazing ideas. I look like one crafty little Pinner.  It’s a shame I’ll never give half of them a try.  But the other Pinners don’t need to know I’m a fraud.  So I have a “finished objects and pins” folder and from time to time I’ll throw a few random ones in there just to keep up appearances. It’s the thought that counts right. ;-) 

I check my schedule for the day while drinking my “poo” tea still in bed of course. Do my morning ritual “I don’t wanna get out of bed” tantrum. You know the kind, where you bury your face in a pillow scream and thrash your limbs around. Don’t judge.  Then I’m off and going for the day. Partly because I have no choice but to get up, thanks to the tea. That tea is the shit, lol! I love, love, love it.  I usually tackle the housework first while dancing and singing in my undies, another morning ritual.  

Next, my favorite activity of the day workout time! NOT!! Change into my workout gear depending on the day. If it’s a light day, I’ll usually stay in my undies and thrown on my sneakers or Uggs. Ugh, I hate workout time. I don’t know why people really like it. It’s hard you get sweaty, nasty, have to jump around like a weirdo and I never look 10 lbs lighter when I’m done so what’s there to like. But I do it, I go hardcore for a good 20 minutes. Get bored start making up my own moves. Mine are always better. I should make a workout video. About 30 minutes in I’m sitting on the floor watching the workout video and playing on my phone eating yogurt. 

I know what you’re thinking, that’s a lot of activity to get in before 2:00. How does she do it?  What can I say, I’m driven. If no lunch plans or shopping excursions have been made, I shower get all dressed up in clean jammies or yoga pants and its back to the couch I go to enjoy an hour of quiet before the little people get home. The so littlest one always comes home with a shit load to say. He’s so hyper at first. If he’s really bad, I’ll go hide in the bathroom for 10 and give him time to unwind so I can actually make out who pissed their pants or farted really loud on the bus. 

Just a normal housewife day, I’m sure you all can relate.

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