Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Photoshop, Crazy Girls and Fake Internet Lives Got Me F@#ked Up!

In a world full of push up bras, Spanx, fake hair and fake lashes (which I love me some lashes) booty pops, gurgles, waist trainers the  last thing we need is Photoshop!!! I mean come on. I completely understand maybe spot touching a blemish or lightly, I SAID LIGHTLY WOMEN, smoothing a fine line or annoying wrinkle. But Photoshop has gone too far. How far people mostly girls will blows my mind.

What are these Photoshop junkies thinking creating a different person. This might work if the people creeping your pics are internet friends only, but are you really fooling the friends and family that actually know you. It's like "hey, look at Patty she's lost 45 lbs. She's looking amazing." Then you run into Patty at the grocery store a week later and that girl is still big, if not bigger. Who are you fooling Patty? Who? No one can gain or lose 45 lbs. in a week. Not even with a plastic surgeons help. Who needs to diet when you have Photoshop. You can just never leave your house if you want the fake image to work.
                                                         ONTO THE CRAZY

There's this girl I know, not well. We'll call her Fashley. I know her just  well enough to know she hates me. I am good friends with her ex. I was good friends with him before they started dating. Fashley was very insecure with him being friends with the girls in our group. Especially me. Fashley had no reason to hate me. She never met me. I'm married. I didn't want her man. Hell half the time I don't want mine. Fashley is not an ugly girl. She has great hair, beautiful eyes, does her makeup well. She's just a little big. But still pretty.

Pretty comes in all shapes and sizes. I love all types of women. Confidence is what's sexy. No I'm not a switch hitter, I only go the D-way, but that does not stop me from appreciating another beautiful women. People think I'm stuck up when they first look at me. I'm far from it. I'm the first one to tell a girl I love her shoes or hair or I think she's pretty. We're getting off topic here. I have lots to say on the girl appreciation and body type topic. We'll get there in another post.

Anyways back to Fashley. The girl hated me from day one. She was stalking my Insta. I know because she hit the like on a photo when she was creepin. Stalking 101  NEVER HIT THE LIKE! STAY AWAY FROM THE LIKE. I was told by mutual friends she was copying my pics. Imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery. Didn't bother me. The only problem was she Photoshop the shit out of herself and cropped all her pics.

After they broke up she went on a war path and campaign to exile me and blame me for their breakup. She followed my friends, became friends with his crazy other ex. She became friends with people who knew me, stalked me with a fake Facebook account.  It was very entertaining. This woman is also an adult and mother of two. I seriously thought high school ended at 18. It's been almost a year now since they broke up and she is in another relationship. But she's still on me. She's gained more weight and now I can say after actually meeting her the girl is big. But you wouldn't know by her posts.

She's still copying my pics. She tries to act like she's rich when her and her kids live in her Mom's basement. She lies saying she has $1,000. LouBoutins and wearing name brand clothes. These things I don't understand. She should be proud and happy with the life she has. When did people start living double lives. From what I've been told she's now started to try and look like me. But to do that she's literally has to edit her pics so much she becomes deformed.  In her pics, she looks smaller than me. She looks like a size 6. In real life she's tipping 200 on a 5'5 body. How is this not embarrassing to her new boyfriend. His friends are seeing this pretty girl with the good body on Insta then meeting her like who the hell is this. Did she eat your girlfriend? How is she not embarrassed. You post a swimsuit pic looking like Kim Kardashian which is who she thinks she looks like then you run into your friends looking like Abby from Dance Moms. Did I mention she's a PHOTOGRAPHER! What do her clients think when they meet her. I'll give her credit she does have mad Photoshop skills.


It must suck to be a dude these days. You see a girl online think she's pretty. You meet her she's bigger in person. Ok, she's still pretty. Take her home start getting freaky. You tug her hair, her weave pops off. Still ok this can work. Take off her pants, there goes the ass. You get it on fall asleep next morning you wake to a now brown eyed girl (colored contacts), one lash is sticking her forehead the other on your pillow, her boobs, butt, and hair is all over the floor. The girl you're waking up to is a completely different girl than you brought home. THIS IS FALSE ADVERTISMENT! How would we feel if guys did that to us.

Tell me your thoughts, your stories. Have you had a similar experience. Do you agree disagree. I like
to hear just as much as I like to talk.

Till next time peeps.
Smooches  from me and my non edited pics with cellulite and scars

My Sister is Satan and the Bitch Must Go Down


Satan is my sister and the bitch needs to go down

Who knows how to perform an exorcism! This is not an exaggeration. She is completely disgusting and manipulative. Not to mention ugly AF! Oh and her new man looks like a dick with ears.  I won’t bore y'all with the long list of shit she’s done. All I’ll say is think of the worst thing a person has done to you. She’s done them all and then some.

Sometimes being the bigger person sucks. Not bigger in size. She’s a fat troll. Satan has single handily tarnished my parents memory! She’s went against all their wishes. What sucks even more she’s able to trick people into thinking she’s normal. Like a small cult!

She’s a grown woman who post her whole fake life on Facebook and gets into battles with other family members!

When does a person stop being the better person and take a bitch down 👹🔪☠.  Like go at it with you have. Take no prisoners. Destroy her existence.

How many of you have psychotic family?