Tuesday, April 12, 2016

My Sister is Satan and the Bitch Must Go Down


Satan is my sister and the bitch needs to go down

Who knows how to perform an exorcism! This is not an exaggeration. She is completely disgusting and manipulative. Not to mention ugly AF! Oh and her new man looks like a dick with ears.  I won’t bore y'all with the long list of shit she’s done. All I’ll say is think of the worst thing a person has done to you. She’s done them all and then some.

Sometimes being the bigger person sucks. Not bigger in size. She’s a fat troll. Satan has single handily tarnished my parents memory! She’s went against all their wishes. What sucks even more she’s able to trick people into thinking she’s normal. Like a small cult!

She’s a grown woman who post her whole fake life on Facebook and gets into battles with other family members!

When does a person stop being the better person and take a bitch down 👹🔪☠.  Like go at it with you have. Take no prisoners. Destroy her existence.

How many of you have psychotic family?

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